Steering and Suspension Repairs

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Trust Your Steering & Suspension Repairs To Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver

Driving around in North Vancouver should be an effortless task but what happens if your car is pulling to one side of the road? This is a sign that something could be wrong with your steering and suspension. You need to act fast and take your vehicle to a trusted local North Vancouver auto repair shop for an inspection and if necessary steering and suspension repairs.

Steering & Suspension Repairs

When you are driving down the road, you expect a smooth, comfortable drive. The suspension system is the component on your vehicle that is responsible for this quiet, gentle ride. It absorbs the shock of the road keeping the car from bouncing up and down and links the car to the wheels. The suspension system is also responsible for the wheels’ traction on the road. This makes it easier to keep the car on the road when driving.

The suspension and steering systems are directly related to each other. While the suspension system ensures a comfortable ride, the steering system grants the driver guidance while driving the vehicle. The steering wheel is the part of the steering system that you are most familiar with, and it is connected to the suspension system through the steering column and pivoted joints.

Inspecting the Steering and Suspension Systems

An inspection of your steering and suspension system should be done regularly to catch issues before they become costly problems. Besides the regularly scheduled inspections, there are definite times that your systems should be looked at.

First – Your mechanic should do an inspection at these times:

  • Anytime your tires are replaced, your brakes are serviced, or when you have your oil changed
  • Around 80,000 km as a scheduled service

Second – Your steering and suspension need to be inspected anytime you are involved in an accident, especially when there is visible damage to the wheels or front end.

Third – You should have a mechanic look at these systems if you notice any of these signs:

  • The power steering isn’t working
  • There is loose steering where it feels too easy to steer
  • Your drive is bumpy, and you can feel every bump that your vehicle hits
  • Your car continues to bounce after going over a bump in the road
  • Your car seems to bottom out indicating that there is not enough suspension to absorb the shock after driving over a bump

If you experience any of these signs, bring your vehicle to Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver so our trained technicians can inspect your steering and suspension systems. You can also make an appointment by calling 604-980-9801.

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