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Why Repair Your Vehicle's Steering and Suspension?

Maintaining your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems is crucial for safe driving. Properly functioning systems provide a smooth ride, ensure responsive handling, and help your tires last longer. Whether navigating the local hills, potholes, or wet conditions of our beautiful province, reliable steering and suspension will keep you and your passengers secure. Visit one of Supertech Auto’s convenient locations for expert steering and suspension repair services that improve safety and ride quality.

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Symptoms of Poorly Performing Steering system

If your suspension system isn’t functioning properly, you’ll often feel a rougher ride, as it absorbs less of the impact from potholes and bumps. Look for symptoms like excessive bouncing after driving over a speed bump, a noticeable dip in the vehicle’s front end during braking, or a tilt to one side while parked on level ground. Uneven tire wear or tires wearing out more quickly than usual can also indicate suspension issues. If you’re navigating BC’s hilly roads and feel these problems, your suspension system might need repair.

Symptoms of Poor Performing Suspension

A faulty steering system can be just as concerning. If you feel your vehicle pulling to one side while driving straight, or notice a delay or excessive effort when turning the steering wheel, these are signs of steering trouble. Unusual clunks, squeaks, or vibrations while turning could also indicate a steering issue. In the mountainous terrain, reliable and responsive steering is vital for safety, so bring in your vehicle if these symptoms arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Steering and Suspension Repair

How often should I have my steering and suspension checked in?
We recommend having these systems inspected annually, particularly because the area’s weather and terrain can affect parts more quickly. Also, if you feel a change in handling, like pulling or wobbling, seek service immediately. Try an oil change, we’ll inspect it at the same time.

Can I drive with a faulty steering or suspension system?
Driving with these issues is dangerous, particularly in a place like, where the terrain demands responsive handling. A compromised system increases the risk of accidents due to unpredictable vehicle behaviour.

How much does steering and suspension repair cost?
Costs depend on the extent of repairs needed. After a thorough inspection, our skilled technicians will provide a transparent estimate. We also advise considering preventative maintenance to minimize the chances of more extensive repairs later.

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