Diagnostic Testing

diagnostic testing

Trust Your Diagnostic Testing To Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver

Owning a vehicle requires ongoing maintenance. Today’s vehicles have more advanced computer systems than anytime before. When something goes wrong with these computers, you need a reliable mechanic that can use diagnostic tools to accurately read the codes that display when something is wrong with your vehicle. Here at Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver, and Supertech Aldergrove we have the diagnostic equipment, knowledge, and experience to give you reliable and honest service.

The Benefits of Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing is very important when something goes wrong with your vehicle. It takes the guessing out of diagnosing what is wrong with your car or truck. It allows the technicians to instantly pull the log from your car that contains errors. Their diagnostic scanning tools can read the error codes from the log, so they know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle. This saves their time and lessens the time that your car will be in the shop. It also keeps the guessing game to the minimum, so you do not waste money on unnecessary repairs.

Diagnostic Test

When you are in distress because you do not know why the dash lights are blinking on your vehicle indicating that something is wrong, bring your car to one of our highly trained technicians to have a diagnostic test ran on the computer system. This will allow the error codes to be read and computer software versions to be revealed as well as critical data regarding sensors. This test will not only give the technicians the error codes and important data information, but it will allow them to run a verification test. This part of the test will give them knowledge on systems like the functionality of the emissions system and the engine vacuum. This diagnostic test will pinpoint any issues with the vehicle.

Once the technicians have all of the data from the diagnostic test, they will better be able to advise you on the proper direction of repairing your vehicle. The test alone does not give all of the answers. It does take knowledge on understanding and reading the test. It takes experience and training on knowing the best solution on getting your vehicle back on the road safely.

If you notice any problems with your car or truck or have dash lights that are warning you that something is wrong, be sure to bring in your vehicle to Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver or call 604-980-9801 to make an appointment.

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