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Why Repair Your Vehicle's AC?

Fixing your car’s air conditioning in Nanaimo is a smart move. It keeps you comfy during those unpredictable weather swings and ensures your ride stays fresh by filtering out pollutants. Plus, it helps maintain your car’s value and saves you from shelling out for bigger, more expensive repairs down the line. It’s all about staying cool and avoiding future hassles.

Symptoms of a Poorly Perfoming A/c System

If you notice that your car’s A/C system is producing very little or no cool air, or unusual smells and/or noises then you need to bring your vehicle to us for a diagnosis. There are also less noticeable symptoms that need attention as well before they turn into costlier issues. For example, when the airflow is not very strong even at maximum settings or when your A/C works better when the vehicle is moving, it is still recommended that you have your A/C inspected.

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A/C Diagnosis: Recharge, Service, or Repair? 

Our A/C technicians have the expertise and latest equipment to diagnose the air conditioning systems of any older and late-model vehicles. Our detailed inspections and diagnosis will determine whether your car’s A/C system needs a simple recharge, repair, or a new compressor. 

It is expected that over time, the parts which make up your A/C system will wear out causing leaks and decreasing its effectiveness, especially during very hot weather conditions. Sometimes though, it may be just a matter of needing a recharge or new filters. Whatever your car’s A/C needs to keep you cool and comfortable this summer, we will ensure it is dealt with right the first time.

Our A/C Service and Repairs

Our Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver A/C technicians conduct thorough checks for faults and leak testing of all A/C components. We also recharge all A/C systems and perform complete service and repairs of all components including those of sophisticated climate control systems. 


Call Supertech Auto in Nanaimo to book your A/C service or repairs and drive in cool comfort. When your vehicle’s cooling system is working at full capacity, your daily commutes to work and your summer road trips will be much more pleasant even during the worst heatwave.
For more information about our air conditioning services, call us or book an appointment online. Our expert A/C technicians can conduct a thorough service of your vehicle’s A/C system and help keep it performing at maximum coolness!

Frequently Asked Questions: Automotive Air Conditioning

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We stand by our signature Longest Auto Repair Warranty in British Columbia. 3 years / 60,000km. If you are quoted a longer professional auto repair warranty we will surpass it.
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We ensure to have the top experts on duty at all time in Nanaimo. That’s why we value Red Seals and certifications, specializations, and paid training. Each vehicle is worked on only by experts and trained professionals, it’s a reason why many other Nanaimo auto repair shops send us their complicated repairs. 

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