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Brake light of Audi R8 - Supertech Auto Brake Service and MaintenanceOne of the most serious mistakes vehicle owners can make is to neglect the brake system of their automobiles. Even though it is one of the most used components, drivers tend to ignore their brakes until they realise there is an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. At Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver, we always advise our customers to have their brakes and tires inspected and properly maintained on a regular basis in order to ensure their safety as well as that of anyone who shares the roads with them.  

At Supertech Auto, Your Safety Is Our Priority

Our Red Seal Certified technicians specialise in servicing brake systems for new and late model domestic and import vehicles. At Supertech Auto, our main priority has always been your safety so we make sure that our technicians are properly trained and kept updated even with the most complex ABS and Traction control diagnostics and repairs. Our auto repair shop is also equipped with the most advanced brake inspection and diagnostic tools available. As a result, you can be sure that you will be provided with an accurate diagnosis and proper maintenance and brake repair the first time. Our technicians replace brake pads and rotors almost on a daily basis as part of routine brake repair and service. However, our shop also performs repairs on ABS and Traction Control systems, including replacement of brake lines, master cylinder repairs, caliper replacement, emergency brake adjustments, fluid exchange, and much more.

Brake System Issues and Warning Signs

Brake Issues

The master cylinder is one of the components that Supertech Auto brake technicians inspect to ensure it is working properly. The master cylinder must be able to provide the appropriate amount of power to push the fluid into the brake lines, which are also checked for damage/leakage, so the fluid can activate the brakes. If this system is not working properly a driver can experience a sudden brake loss, which is extremely dangerous at any speed. What’s more, since this system operates hydraulically, you have to have the cleanliness of the brake fluid inspected and usually replaced every two years but this can vary depending on your vehicle’s manufacturer. Therefore, topping-off your brake fluid is not sufficient to keep them in good working order. If moisture gets into your brake fluid, it can reduce its boiling point and if the fluid boils it can cause brake fades – meaning you’ll need to depress the pedal farther, closer to the floorboard to stop your vehicle. In addition, moisture in the fluid can corrode metal components within your braking system. The corroded components can cause more braking problems.

The Brake pads, as most drivers are aware, are the components that need to be replaced more often. The brake pads clamp down on the discs so when the pads are worn down, the connection made with the discs is not smooth and may cause damage to the disc by creating rough spots and uneven grooves. Consequently, if you have worn or damaged brake pads and discs your vehicle’s stopping distance increases and so does the possibility of having a collision.

Warning Signs 

Warning signs that your brakes need service and repair should not be ignored since they can lead to brake failure and the possibility of a collision. The following are some of the most common warning signs you should be aware of:

  • Squealing, screeching or grinding noises when stopping
  • An increase in the distance needed to bring your vehicle to a full stop
  • You have to press your brake pedal nearly to the floorboard to stop your car under normal driving conditions
  • You notice a throbbing or pulsing in the brake pedal when attempting to stop
  • Your ABS warning light is activated
  • When you step on the brake pedal your car pulls one side (the result of brake “grabbing”)

How to Maintain Your Brakes in Optimal Condition

Premium brake system by Supertech Auto Repair North VancouverThe most important advice we, and most brake specialists, can give you is to have your braking system properly maintained by professional and experienced technicians like the ones at Supertech Auto. In addition, you can maintain your braking system’s effectiveness by adhering to the following:

  • Maintain and monitor the condition of your tires (don’t forget to check the air pressure)
  • Keep in mind the physical condition of the road (rough, wet, icy)
  • If you go on long car trips, you should stop every few hours (it’ll benefit you and your car)
  • Try to avoid “hard braking” (it wears down your brakes faster and increases the possibility of losing control of your vehicle)
  • You should coast before you brake to reduce speed and brake wear
  • Invest in good reliable brakes (it’s worth the investment)

If your brakes have not been inspected in a while, bring your vehicle in today to have one of our technicians check them out. You can count on us at Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver to ensure you get the best service available in North Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Make an appointment today by calling 604-980-9801 or contact us online now.