Why You Need Winter Tires and Wheel Alignment

Driving in snow with winter tires after wheel alignmentSince October 1, the winter tire rules have been in effect on British Columbia’s highways. So, if you are driving on most B.C. highways, according to the Ministry of Transport, you are legally bound to use winter tires until March 31st. In order for the tires on your vehicle to be considered winter tires, mountain snowflake, or M+S tires, they must have at least 3.5 mm of tread depth across the whole tire. If you are caught driving without proper winter tires on designated highways, you can be fined $121. The provincial government has not randomly passed this law as an excuse to fine drivers but because motor vehicle accidents increase during winter months. This winter, protect yourself and those you love by installing proper winter tires and visiting Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver for your expert wheel alignment inspection and service.

How Winter Tires Help Keep You Safe

Did you know that winter tires are not only designed to provide you with traction on snow or ice-covered roads but are also designed to keep you safe during cold conditions? Winter tires offer cold-weather traction, as well, because they are made with weather-suited rubber compounds so when the temperature begins to drop below 7°C, the effectiveness of other types of tires drops since the rubber that is used to fabricate them hardens and loses its grip and traction even in the absence of snow or ice. 

Close up of winter tires with sipes in the treads The superior performance of winter tires in snow, ice, and cold conditions can be attributed to the fact that winter tires combine flexible rubber compounds with small tread blocks and hundreds of small cuts called “sipes” in the tread itself. The sipes are designed to help keep the tire constantly flexing and biting at the road surface. This enables the winter tires to maximize grip, even on dynamic and unpredictable surfaces.

Why Winter Wheel Alignment is Important

Before the start of winter, it is also recommended that you have your vehicle’s alignment inspected. By doing so, you can minimize the wear and tear on your tires and suspension. This is especially important for winter tires which are softer and tend to wear quicker. If your wheels are not aligned properly, you may also lose power, fuel efficiency and your steering may be affected.

Obstacles on the roads like potholes and curbs can be more difficult to see during the darker winter months. As a result, you are more likely to experience alignment issues. That’s why you should have your alignment inspected before installing winter, or for that matter when you install summer tires as well. In fact, your vehicle’s alignment should be inspected every time you have the tires rotated.

Contact Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver

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