Why Having Your Oil Changed Regularly Matters for Fuel Efficiency

Having your oil changed regularly matters. Not only can it help you improve the lifespan of your vehicle; it can also help you manage fuel efficiency. And between the cost of gas and addressing unnecessary emissions, this is important for most vehicle owners and SuperTech Auto is here to help!

Why Having Your Oil Changed Regularly Matters for Fuel Efficiency

Fresh Oil Increases Engine Performance

By lubricating the moving parts found throughout your engine, it will ensure such movement doesn’t meet friction. This allows your vehicle to seamlessly operate without added stress to any particular part.

An Oil Change Will Remove Excess Dirt

Sludge in your oil system can make moving parts work harder. Keeping your oil clean means keeping your engine clean, and that can make a big difference in fuel efficiency.

Synthetic Oil Takes Fuel Efficiency One Step Further

Synthetic oil allows for lower viscosity without compromising wear protection, which – in turn, improves gas consumption.

Overall, the longer you go without having your oil changed, the more gas you will consume with every trip you take. Allow us to help!

Oil Change Service in North Vancouver

Seeking an oil change service in North Vancouver? We can help! As mentioned on our service page

Regular vehicle maintenance which includes everything from a scheduled oil change to tire alignment is the easiest thing you can do to extend the life of your vehicle.

Having your oil changed along with the filter is one of the most important things you can do to extend your engine’s lifespan. Neglecting this small but important maintenance task can damage your engine causing many unwanted costly repairs. Our technicians have the experience to know the correct oil type and filter to use in your vehicle. They can put your car on a regular schedule so you do not have to worry when you should bring it in and have the oil changed.

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