North Vancouver Brake Service & Repairs: 3 Ways to Tell if Your Brakes Need Servicing

Brakes can require replacing anywhere between 40,000 –  100,000km – and our North Vancouver Brake Service & Repairs can help.

Regardless of what your odometer reads, there are additional ways to tell if your brakes need servicing – and we’re going to share 3!

3 Ways to Tell if Your Brakes Need Servicing

There are various ways drivers can assess whether their brakes need servicing. These include:

  1. Poor Braking Ability

This one tops the list – because if you are having difficulty stopping, this is an emergency repair that should be addressed immediately. It could be as simple as a brake fluid issue, or more concerning – such as a brake hose in need of repair or replacement. Regardless, if your brakes are becoming increasingly unresponsive, we can help assess the issue.

2. Pulling When Braking

Finding your vehicle pulls to one side when braking? This could be due to warn out brake pads or an improper alignment – among other causes. One of our professionals can address this issue and ensure you drive away safely.

3. Squealing or Vibrating Brakes

Squealing brakes are not always a brake concern issue. Sometimes it simply means they are dusty. However, it is one of the most common ways you can tell that your brakes are in need of servicing. In addition, if you car has begun to vibrate when braking, your brake rotors may need to be replaced.

None of the above concerns should be ignored, and Supertech Auto can help you address them in a timely manner.

North Vancouver Brake Service & Repairs

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When you press on your brakes, you expect your vehicle to stop. If you do not maintain your brake system, your brakes can fail you and put you and your passengers in danger. The brake system in your vehicle is one of the most important components for you and your passengers’ safety, but it often gets neglected. From brake pads to the master cylinder, every component is vital and needs to be working properly. Here at Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver, we take your vehicle’s safety seriously and provide you with expert brake service and repair at competitive prices.

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