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ABS Brake Dashboard Warning LightsYour vehicle’s brake system is perhaps the most important safety feature. Over the years, brake systems have evolved to provide us with improved auto safety. In 1960, the first car Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) was implemented on the Ford Zodiac but it was extremely expensive so it was not offered by other automobile manufacturers. It wasn’t until the 1970s that Cadillac ABS brakes were offered as an option. Fortunately for everyone, ABS became a standard feature in the 1990s for most vehicle models and brands. In fact, insurance companies, realizing the importance of ABS brake systems in helping us avoid accidents, offered lower auto insurance premiums for cars with ABS.   

What are ABS Brakes?

Your vehicle’s ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) brake system has been designed to reduce stopping distances and prevent it from skidding when braking in an emergency. The ABS system consists of the ABS module and ABS sensors on each wheel. The ABS sensors monitor wheel speeds and notify the ABS module to pump the brakes in rapid succession whenever you begin to skid or lose traction. Basically, your ABS brake system helps you avoid the risk of your wheels locking up and therefore offers greater steering control. It also brings your vehicle to a stop in the shortest distance possible when braking hard. 

Unfortunately, many drivers take their braking systems for granted and expect their vehicles to stop when they press on the brake pedals. However, in order for your brakes to function properly and stop or slow down your vehicle at a split second to avoid accidents, they must well-maintained. This applies to your ABS brake system since it can make the difference between being involved in a minor vs a huge accident or even a potential tragedy. Due to the importance of your braking system, it’s wise not to overlook it and maintain it in excellent working condition. If you have noticed any issues with your ABS, visit Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver immediately where our ABS specialists will diagnose and repair them.

Warning Signs of a Failing ABS System

  • Is your ABS Dashboard Light-activated? 

The dashboard ABS Light is designed to come on for a few seconds when you start a vehicle, but if it remains activated then it’s an indication of an ABS issue. You should contact a trusted mechanic near you who will diagnose the issue to determine which ABS component is causing the problem. Please note that if your ABS Light is activated while you are driving, it can mean that there is a problem with any one of the ABS system components, including the ABS control module. 

Keep in mind that some ABS systems may function despite the activated ABS Light. If the ABS system does not work, it means that stability control and traction control might also be disabled. Nonetheless, if your normal braking system has not failed as well, then you should still be able to brake your vehicle. 

  • Do you experience brake lock up when you brake suddenly at high speeds?

Your car’s ABS system is designed to prevent any wheel from locking up when you brake suddenly. If your ABS control module is faulty, then your brakes will lock up when braking heavily. It’s also possible that a failing ABS module can lock up your brakes even under normal braking. You may also notice unusual clicking noises from your brakes that can indicate ABS module failure.

  • Do you need more power to press the brake pedal?

If your braking system is working properly, you only need minimal effort to press the brake pedal to slow your car. If your brake pads and brake fluid are properly maintained but you notice that you require more pedal effort to generate the same amount of braking force, then there may be an issue with the ABS control module. Whatever the reason though, this warning sign should not be ignored, and should have your brakes inspected immediately.

  • Have you noticed that your brakes are trying to pump themselves?

Sometimes metal shavings and other debris could cause false feedback to the ABS module. The false feedback can cause the ABS brake system to trigger when it shouldn’t, causing the brakes to pump themselves.

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you need to have experienced and reputable brake specialists, like the Red Seal Certified mechanics at Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver, diagnose and repair your ABS brake system.

Trust Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver with Your ABS Service and Repairs

At Supertech Auto and Repair North Vancouver, we service and repair ABS brake systems for both domestic and import vehicles. We have the qualifications, training, experience, and equipment for all ABS repairs. Our North Vancouver brake mechanics have the same high-tech diagnostic equipment as dealerships to diagnose any ABS issue and repair it right the first time. We also provide you with OEM quality ABS parts to ensure that your factory warranty is maintained current.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance for Your ABS Brakes

Properly maintaining your vehicle’s ABS system can help you avoid serious and potentially fatal accidents. Your ABS brake system should be checked immediately when you notice or suspect any malfunction. Always, contact your local trusted brake specialists when your ABS warning light is activated. Ignoring any warnings can put your safety in danger and result in costlier and more complex brake repairs down the road. It’s highly recommended to keep your ABS brake system working properly with routine maintenance and brake repairs.

Schedule Your ABS Brake Inspection

Scheduling a regular brake inspection can help you keep the brake functioning optimally and your repair costs under control. When you visit Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver for your ABS brake service, our mechanics will accurately diagnose any brake issues and fix them promptly in order to keep you safe and help you avoid costlier repairs down the road.

For more information about ABS brake maintenance and repairs, or if your brakes have not been inspected in a while, bring your vehicle in today to have one of our brake technicians check them out. You can count on us at Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver to ensure you get the best service available in North Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Make an appointment today by calling 604-980-9801 or contact us online now.