North Shore Tire Repairs: Your Tires Matter for Vehicle Safety + Fuel Efficiency

As a North Vancouver auto service centre, SuperTech is proud to offer our community a wide-range of repairs and maintenance for their vehicle. And an area we encourage our customers to address, is the proper maintenance of their tires. Which we can help with through our North Shore Tire Repairs service!

Your Tires Matter for Vehicle Safety + Fuel Efficiency

Your tires are what keeps your vehicle in contact with the road. As such, having tires that allow you to drive smoothly and safely is important. In addition, keeping your tires properly inflated for the season and in good repair, also helps your vehicle with fuel efficiency.

Ways to address both your tire care and your fuel costs include:

  • Ensuring you are driving on the right tires for the season
  • Having your tires balanced
  • Rotating your tires
  • Scheduling a wheel alignment
  • Keeping your tires inflated to the correct PSI

How Often Should You Purchase New Tires?

How often you need to purchase new tires for your vehicle depends on various factors…

  • Your driving style …whether you’re using it for back-country adventures or daily commuting
  • The style of tire you have chosen for your vehicle …whether high performance, larger tires for lifted vehicles, etc
  • How well you have kept your wheel alignment, tire pressure and seasonal tire changes maintained

North Shore Tire Repairs

As mentioned on our tire service page

Your tires are probably one of the most neglected things on your car, yet they are one of the most important components on your vehicle that when they fail, you and your passengers’ safety is at risk. Keeping your tires balanced, rotated, and aligned should be at the top of your priority when maintaining your vehicle. Our technicians can inspect your tires and take care of the service needed on them.

So whether your vehicle’s tires need to be balanced, rotated, or aligned – bring your vehicle to Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver or call us at 604-980-9801 and we would be happy to help!