North Shore Oil Change Service: Top Auto Maintenance Tips for Fall

As a North Shore oil change service centre, this is just one of the many services we provide to help our community ensure their daily commute goes as planned.

Keeping your vehicle is running as it should is something SuperTech would like to help you with. Here are a few reminders on what you should consider within your auto maintenance checks for fall.

Top Auto Maintenance Tips for Fall

Although your vehicle has a variety of important maintenance checks – as per your manual recommendations, there are some that you can benefit from seasonally.

North Shore Oil Change Service: Check/Change Your Oil

Your vehicles motor oil is one such maintenance check that is important to address as the seasons change.

When it comes to oil, having the right viscosity plays an important role. Depending on the season and how you utilize your vehicle, can determine what type of oil your vehicle should be using. Our North Shore Oil Change Service can help…

Oil is the bread and butter of your engine. It lubricates all the important parts of your engine and keeps things running smoothly. Having your oil changed along with the filter is one of the most important things you can do to extend your engine’s lifespan. Neglecting this small but important maintenance task can damage your engine causing many unwanted costly repairs. Our technicians have the experience to know the correct oil type and filter to use in your vehicle. They can put your car on a regular schedule so you do not have to worry when you should bring it in and have the oil changed.

Tire Checks and/or Changeovers

From tire pressure to tire tread; now is the time to check your tires to ensure they are properly inflated. Also, a reminder to have them changed over as needed for the October 1st requirements on mountain passes.

Heat & Defrost System Check

With the warm summer we had –  and continue to enjoy into fall, you may not have even turned on your vehicle’s heater yet. Ensuring both the heater, as well as your front and rear defroster are in working order, will help you make a seamless transition into fall.

Additional maintenance checks to consider include:

  • Replacing your wiper blades
  • Getting your brakes checked, as well as changing over your tires for the October 1 mountain. Pass requirements
  • Light check
  • Air filter and fluid checks
  • Cooling system refill
  • Battery check

If you are looking for a North Shore Oil Change Service, or you are simply seeking an auto repair shop that you can depend on, give us a call at 604-980-9801 or make an appointment online. We look forward to assisting you!