Get a Pre-purchase Vehicle Inspection Before You Buy

Used vehicle being towed after breakdownPurchasing a vehicle in North Vancouver, or anywhere for that matter, is often a big investment for most people. A used vehicle purchase can be risky and can often be emotionally driven. An essential step as part of a used vehicle buying process is to take the vehicle for a pre-purchase vehicle inspection in order to save yourself from wasting your money and avoiding a lot of time-consuming hustles down the road.

Most sellers are willing to have the vehicle inspected. If the seller already had a vehicle inspection done, you may still wish to have your own independent safety inspection. If the seller is unwilling to take the vehicle for an inspection, keep looking for another vehicle. This could be a major red flag that there are problems with the vehicle.

Having a vehicle inspection can uncover major repairs the vehicle needs and provide you with the information to make an informed decision. Having experienced and qualified auto mechanics like those at Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver inspect the vehicle won’t uncover every flaw, but our qualified mechanics are trained to uncover major problems.

What is a Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

When you’ve found a vehicle you’re interested in purchasing, it is advised to get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection performed. A licensed mechanic can perform a detailed assessment of the condition of the vehicle. An engine and mechanical system check will be performed along with looking for rusty/broken components, leaks, body damage, and more. The mechanic can also take the vehicle for a test drive to listen for any strange noises and to make sure brakes, transmission, suspension, and other components are working properly.

Mechanics are looking to identify any safety or faulty issues. If they uncover any problems, they will let you know what repairs are needed for the vehicle to run optimally and what the financial implications may be for those repairs. A detailed inspection report should also identify any repairs or maintenance issues you can expect to see in the future on that vehicle.

When Should You Get a Mechanic Inspection?

It is a good idea to have a certified mechanic look at any used vehicle you are looking to purchase. This provides an objective, knowledgeable opinion on the condition of the vehicle. If you’re purchasing a vehicle that you are unable to see yourself, for example, if it is another city, it is recommended that you have an assessment of that vehicle.

Vehicle History Report

It is also a good idea to get a vehicle history report so you know if the vehicle has been in any accidents or if there are any outstanding liens on the vehicle. You can use CARFAX  or VinAudit Canada.

ICBC also offers a free service that is more limited. If you have a vehicle history report, bring it along to the inspection. It can help the mechanic to focus on areas of damage.

After the Vehicle Inspection

Once you have the vehicle inspection assessment, it is time to decide if you want to purchase the vehicle. If the vehicle assessment uncovered major repairs, you may want to pass on the vehicle. Or it might be what you are looking for and you’re willing to buy the vehicle and fix any issues to ensure your safety.

Having a good understanding of what repairs the vehicle needs can also help you to negotiate the price. If there are repairs to be done, you can ask the seller to consider that and ask for a lower price.

Vehicle Inspections at Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver

Whether you are buying a vehicle from a private seller or a second-hand dealer, a pre-purchase inspection should be an essential part of your vehicle purchase process. Call us at 604-980-9801 or book an appointment online for your pre-purchase vehicle inspection in North Vancouver, British Columbia.