BMW N54/N55 Engine: Clogged or Leaky Fuel Injector Issues

BMW Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver Steering WheelBMW owners are probably aware that their N54 and N55 engines have been designed to provide optimal performance. BMW vehicles are a blend of high-performance and eye-catching design. Your BMW does not have a run-of-the-mill engine, as a result, it takes highly qualified experts, like the Red Seal Certified mechanics at Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver, to repair BMW engine problems and keep them operating as they did when you first purchased your vehicle. If your BMW engine is well-maintained and serviced, when there is an engine issue, you’ll most likely notice a drop in performance. You may notice that your engine may stall, produce strange odours, or an increase in fuel consumption. These could be symptoms of a problematic BMW fuel injector which could result in possible engine failure if you do not deal with them properly. 

Your BMW Fuel Injector

Basically, your BMW fuel injector sprays the spark plugs and ignition coils with gasoline to ignite on start-up and every revolution that follows. Consequently, when it’s clogged or experiencing leaks, your car won’t start easily or even drive. Therefore, it is imperative that your fuel injector is always in optimal condition. What’s more, if you have fuel injector issues like an internal leak and ignore the warning signs, you could experience costly engine failure or even an engine fire.

Possible BMW Fuel Injector Issues

A Clogged Fuel Injector

An avoidable result of BMW N54/N55 ignitions is carbon builds up inside the engine. Normally, the carbon is burned off when the engine is running and heated up to high temperatures. However, as the engine begins to cool down, the carbon is not burned off and starts to accumulate inside the engine and the injectors. Consequently, the injectors get clogged and are unable to work properly, resulting in inefficient fuel spray patterns. An improper spray pattern may cause the spark plugs to either get soaked with fuel too much or not enough. The result of this issue will be misfires and cold-start-ups.

A Leaky Fuel Injector

Leaky fuel injectors are the result of the way BMW has positioned them. When they begin to leak the spark plugs can become extremely wet which makes their ignition more difficult when we attempt to start the engine. This issue can also cause misfires on startup and even while driving.

Possible Solutions for Your Fuel Injectors

To reduce the possibility of experiencing these problems you can install high-quality aftermarket oil catch cans that will help reduce carbon buildup. Also, you can use fuel cleaners to help release the carbon build-up in your engine and fuel injectors, and create better running conditions. However, the most effective way to remove carbon build-up is walnut blasting. Walnut blasting, should be performed every 50,000 kms.

To reduce carbon build-up and clean your fuel injectors you can also warm up the engine at low speeds, and then go for a ride on the highway where you maintain the RPMs at 4500 for about 20 minutes three or four times.

Additionally, the BMW N54 fuel injectors are under warranty for 10 years or 190,000 kms since BMW recognizes that this part has issues. Consequently, if your fuel injectors are leaking, you can replace them.

Why Trust Supertech Auto for Your BMW Repairs

Your BMW fuel injector repairs are always performed using the same computers and modules that technicians at your local BMW authorized dealer would use. What’s more, at Supertech Auto, we replace your vehicle parts with genuine OEM parts and your vehicle’s manufacturer-authorized fluids to ensure your factory warranty is kept current. Additionally, we back up our work with our 3-year/60, 000 Km Nationwide Warranties.

Visit Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver for Your Next BMW Service and Repairs 

If you haven’t serviced your BMW vehicle for some time, we recommend that you visit Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver. Our Red Seal Certified mechanics will use the latest diagnostic tools to determine the condition of your BMW vehicle and inform you about any potential issues that may lead to more serious and costlier problems. Schedule your BMW for regular maintenance and trusted repairs at competitive prices. By entrusting us with your BMW, you can be sure that it will perform like new for many years. For exceptional BMW service and repairs, contact us online or call us at 604-980-9801 to book your appointment. We’ve built our company by removing the frustration from auto repair.