supertech auto diesel service, repair and modifications
Since 2011, Supertech Diesel Truck Specialists has been Vancouver Island’s leading go-to shop for diesel service, repair, and modifications. Now, you can get the same award-winning service at our new Supertech Auto shop in North Vancouver.  Supertech Auto is a family-owned and operated business providing you with accurate diagnosis and repairs for all diesel engine vehicles. Our fully-equipped shop has all the latest technology and Red Seal Certified technicians who take an aggressive approach towards
jeep in the snow - Supertech Auto Repairs North Vancouver
We love Jeeps and we understand that for most jeep owners, this vehicle represents a lifestyle of freedom and adventure. In Canada, especially in British Columbia, Jeeps have always been popular because they are built to last and offer us safe and reliable city and off-road driving, under any weather conditions. But most Jeep owners probably love their vehicles because they are fun to drive and they look awesome!  The Evolution of The Oldest Mass-Produced
Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver brake systems
One of the most serious mistakes vehicle owners can make is to neglect the brake system of their automobiles. Even though it is one of the most used components, drivers tend to ignore their brakes until they realise there is an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. At Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver, we always advise our customers to have their brakes and tires inspected and properly maintained on a regular basis in
BMW Sedan Front view Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver
If you own a BMW and are tired of paying dealership service and repair prices then bring your BMW vehicle to Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver. You will receive superior quality service at competitive prices. Our team of highly experienced and Red Seal certified technicians use top of the line technology to accurately diagnose and repair your BMW.   We completely understand why some consider BMW vehicles as the ultimate driving machines, which is why we
At Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver, we provide superior quality service for all vehicles we repair but we have always loved working on high-performance luxury automobiles like Mercedes  Benz. The German carmaker never fails to impress us with its innovative features, powerful engines, safety features, solid construction, attention to detail and, naturally, luxurious interiors. Receive Personal Service At our family-owned-and-operated automotive centre, we have the opportunity to talk with our clients and throughout the years

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