Auto Maintenance in North Vancouver: Top 3 Reasons Local Service Matters

When it comes to the safety, lifespan and fuel economy of your vehicle; auto maintenance in North Vancouver can make a big difference to all of the above. Which is something Supertech Auto Repair is here to help our local community with.

Top 3 Reasons Local Service Matters

Local service matters for a variety of reasons. From investing in the economy in which you live, to helping your fellow neighbours’ small business, to understanding the benefits of food sourced locally – and beyond. Local services offer the community many helpful perks, and your auto care is no different.

The top 3 reasons we find our customers choose local when it comes to their auto care – is as follows…

Cost Effectiveness.

Many don’t realize this, but a local mechanic will often cost far less than a dealership. In addition, there can sometimes be room for more flexible rates based on the type of work being done, or customizing a service to meet your budget.

Alternately, dealerships often have set prices with little to no leeway to how they charge a customer. Their pricing comes from a corporate budget with target revenues that need to be met, and not a person looking out for the best interest of their neighbours.

Convenience & Added Perks.

Having your vehicle in the shop is definitely NOT convenient. But local auto care centres can often help you more quickly, with even ‘stop by ‘service times available.

In addition – added perks, such as our complimentary health check, are also often available to customers. As mentioned on our North Vancouver auto maintenance promotions page

Book your Complimentary Health Check for some peace of mind before you and your family hit the road to create your summer memories.

Personal Care & Attention to Detail.

Local mechanics tend to take personal pride in their place of employment. They are not simply a cog in a wheel, but rather have chosen their place of employment according to how and with whom they want to invest their time with.

As well, often there will be mechanics with different areas of expertise, allowing them to collaborate on various auto issues as needed.

Although your warranty will come in handy when it comes to free service at a dealership; once that expires – it is well worth considering local!

Auto Maintenance in North Vancouver: Supertech Auto Repairs

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Our team of local car mechanics is committed to providing you with the service and repairs you need to keep your car, SUV, truck, or van running like new for years to come. Specializing in domestic, European, and import vehicles, our mechanics have the experience and the tools to conduct both basic service maintenance and complex engine repairs.

So, if you are seeking exceptional auto maintenance in North Vancouver contact us to book your appointment and see the different local can make!