A/C Diagnostics & Repairs: Keep Your Cool this Summer

Whether starting the summer off with A/C Diagnostics & Repairs, or ending it as such – having your vehicle’s air conditioner serviced is always a smart idea to help keep you cool this summer, and ready for the next!

A/C Diagnostics & Repairs – How Can We Help?

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Driving in the summer heat and humidity without a properly working A/C system has to be one of the least pleasant things you can do in your vehicle. At Supertech Auto Repair North Vancouver, our team of experienced auto air conditioning service and repair technicians will check the performance of your A/C system and ensure that you are driving cool and comfortable during the summer months.

SuperTech Auto is here to uncover any faulty hoses or check for leaks, while also recharging you A/C system as needed, helping to ensure your climate control is under control.

So …What Are the Signs You May Need You’re A/C Serviced?

There are a variety of signs that your vehicle’s A/C system may not be functioning at its best. These include:

  • Producing little to no cool air
  • A musty smell
  • Unusual noises
  • Minimal air pressure, even when the fan is on full-blast
  • The A/C functions better while moving than at a stand-still

These are good starting points to understand your A/C Diagnostics & Repairs.

Arriving at an A/C Diagnosis: Service or Repair?

Whether you drive a newer model vehicle or enjoy your late model ride, our North Vancouver air conditioning diagnostics technicians can help deliver a detailed inspection and diagnosis, uncovering if you’re A/C requires a simple recharge or more extensive repairs.

With the hot stretch of summer weather we have finally had here in the Lower Mainland, your vehicle’s air conditioner has likely been under a lot of strain. We can help put it at ease, while addressing any underlying or lurking concerns to ensure the remainder of your summer remains a cool commute, and that you’re ready for the following summer too!

For more information about our A/C Diagnostics & Repairs, call us at 604-980-9801 or book an appointment online. Our expert A/C technicians can conduct a thorough service of your vehicle’s A/C system and help keep it performing at its best!

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